• We all adore our Android phones. They are high tech, popular, easy to use and relatively safe for you to surf the web. However there is a new security risk to your phone in the form of security updates, that should not be trusted. Yes, we all love to browse the web on our phone and find out what's new on our favourite sites, like ...
  • According to the latest findings from Nielsen survey, Android is the clear-cut winner with 61% market share, a quick jump from 41% in the final quarter of 2011. On the other hand, iOS fell with a 29 percent market share, down from 41 percent during the last quarter.US market accounts for a 90% of total smartphone market sales comprising of...
  • After making an impressive appearance at Mobile World Congress 2012, the much awaited Samsung Galaxy S3 release date is out. The Korean giant will officially launch the next generation Samsung Galaxy S3 at Earls Court in London London on 3rd May. Just before the launch, we have got the leaks regarding Samsung Galaxy S3 color options. The Android...
  • The much-awaited Instagram app hits Android and achieved instant success from the first day. The app launched last week clicked within the first 24 hours with a massive 1 million downloads from Android users. The app continued its stride at a brisk pace and hit a new milestone of 5 million downloads in just six days on Google Play with 2,000 sign...
  •   Google Maps get Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update and the user interface has been redesigned which makes navigation to destinations much faster and easier. Google Maps has now been updated to version 6.5 with improved support for devices having high-pixel density displays, which will be useful to Android developers. For “High...

Android Ice Cream Sandwich release date set for October or November

Google Chairman Eric Schmidt has revealed that the latest Android 4.0 OS codenamed Ice Cream Sandwich is tipped for October or November release.

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Android edges past Apple in App Downloads

Android outperforms Apple in the number of Android application downloads in the Asia-Pacific region in 2011.

Android will play a dominant role for the first time this year with an Ovum survey predicting 1.8 billion downloads compared to Apple’s app downloads of 1.5 billion in the region. Last year Google's Android reached 244 million app downloads in the Asia Pacific region. The latest report predicts Windows Phone operating system will overtake BlackBerry for third place in downloads by 2015.

Google launches +1 button on Android devices

Google has finally launched Google +1 button for Android devices. The new release allows users to share recommendations with their circle on Google plus. Google +1 button is now optimized to the mobile web and available on the Android Market.

Nielsen survey rates Android as the Top Smartphone OS in the U.S. Market

Google’s Android OS stays ahead of both Apple iOS and RIM’s BlackBerry platform and continues to be the most popular choice in the growing U.S. smartphone market, according to the latest survey of Nielsen for three month period ending July 2011. This is good news for Android developers and their interests are gaining momentum at the expense of iPhone and BlackBerry.

Nielsen survey reveals the key findings:

Google Docs for Android update brings new Web Clipboard and now in 46 additional languages

Google Docs for Android gets updated with new Web Clipboard feature and support for 46 additional languages. The latest update brings new improvements and enhanced functionality allows users to create, edit and share documents from their Android phones, according to a blog from Google Android developer.