Android security threat warning

We all adore our Android phones. They are high tech, popular, easy to use and relatively safe for you to surf the web. However there is a new security risk to your phone in the form of security updates, that should not be trusted.

Yes, we all love to browse the web on our phone and find out what's new on our favourite sites, like, Facebook or Twitter. However, users are being warned about a trojan that is being installed on Android devices via a fake security update. The new trojan pops up while you browse a site, and insists you need an official security update.

Symantec discovered the threat this week. Of course malware has been an issue on Android devices; a product of being such a popular operating system, but generally they are reserved for fake apps and games, made by a third party.

The Android.Noncompatible threat is allowing the creator to "route traffic from an infected device to an external source." So as an extra precaution, Android users are being reminded to not download updates that pop up while they browse a website. Even if it is a trusted site. Any could have malware, because the site owner doesn't necessarily know it is infected.

A brand new infographic has been released by Symantec, highlighting the rise in threats lately:

"Just like we have seen in the PC world, mobile malware is rapidly emerging but this time the cyber criminals know to target what's most important - your personal information and financial data."

In other words, heed caution because you won't know you are infected until it is too late.