Instagram Photo app for Android hits 5 million downloads in six days

The much-awaited Instagram app hits Android and achieved instant success from the first day. The app launched last week clicked within the first 24 hours with a massive 1 million downloads from Android users. The app continued its stride at a brisk pace and hit a new milestone of 5 million downloads in just six days on Google Play with 2,000 sign-ups every minute. The Google Play stats show Instagram for Android has between 5 million and 10 million downloads already. Instagram iPhone app took around 7 months to achieve this landmark. This photo-sharing app is one of the biggest Android app launches of all time.

Instagram is a simple and amazing app which allows you to apply filters to Android photos and share with friends easily. With instagram, an ordinary image is turned into an amazing and eye-catching one. Android developers are aiming to make the instagram app into a real-time photo-sharing tool for Android smartphone and tablet devices.


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