Android Developer

Android Development Android is a framework developed by google and open handset alliance that is built on Linux kernel platform. Android operating system is encoded in Java running in Dalvik Virtual Machine for controlling mobile devices. Android is a software stack for mobile devices that includes an operating system, middleware and key applications.

Android Application Developers

Android is a platform for developers offering a wide range of options and many opportunities for building high quality android applications with lot of creativity. Android SDK provides the tools and APIs required to develop applications on the android platform using Java programming. The android SDK comprises of core applications that are very useful for android application developers. Androidpeople has a team of professional android developers with in-depth knowledge and expertise in developing all kind of android apps like casual games to complex enterprise level apps in different platforms and do testing in a simulator and porting to mobile devices for existing applications or develop new apps. Our android application developers have substantial experience in android programming and develop wide range of android applications with different skill levels by integrating internet and mobile platform in android application development.

How we can help you to develop android applications for android phones?

We offer the following apps in android development under different categories to our customers:

  • Instant Messenger
  • Communication
  • Social Networking
  • Multimedia
  • Travel
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Games
  • Utility
  • Business
  • Fun
  • Security

Our Android Apps All In One Unit Converter It is an Android tool application that allows easy and quick conversion between units. All in one unit converter can convert more than 50 units of measure grouped in 6 categories. It provides a fast, reliable and comfortable tool to convert values into different categories such as Mass/Weight, Length, Temperature, Bits/Bytes, volume and Speed available in a few taps away. Refill Fuel Advance It is an android based travel application for managing expenses of cars and check fuel consumption. Refill fuel advance helps to manage the expenses of car by adding refuels and mileage. World Clock The objective is to develop a simple and elegant world clock tool application for android smartphones that shows the current time around the world in different time zones. By entering the city name from the list of locations, around six continents, the user can view the current time.

How we leverage android applications to benefit our customers in android application development?

  • Hire  android developer for custom android apps in android development
  • Great software and hardware infrastructure support for quicker application development
  • Flexibility to select our skilled, trained and experienced android app developer from our talent pool
  • Optimal use of android SDK
  • Efficient management of android application development process.
  • Strictly adhering to deadlines for deliverables keeping in line with objectives of businesses
  • Stringent quality standards, controls, practices and comprehensive quality assurance testing
  • Comprehensive data and Information security provided
  • Single point of contact, full time communication support in place
  • Accord source code rights and resell rights exclusively to customers

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