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The title seems crazy huh?.. Yeah Motorolla made it. Phone Scoop spent some hands-on time with a Motorola i886 iDEN handset, which seems to run a new flavor of Android, making it the world’s first Android phone without a touch screen.

Motorola announced the i886 iDEN handset for Sprint Nextel on January 10. It is one of Motorola’s first rugged handsets with a slide-out QWERTY keyboard. After spending several minutes using it, it is clear that the operating system is based on Android. The i886’s inner menu systems show that it is running Android.

Android Gallery, ImageView Example

Already we saw the simple Gallery example on our previous post Simple Gallery Example
Now we are going to see a simple gallery example of how to use gallery look like a photo album as like in our phone. That is, when we click the item in gallery, the corresponding image will display below in full size using imageview.

Create a attrs.xml file in res/values folder. This file is used to declare the style. ( Code in previous post - simple gallery example).

Introduction to Google Android Application Development

A software stack for mobile devices that includes an OS, middleware and key applications. The Android SDK includes tools like debugger, libraries, sample code and tutorials. Based on Linux and provides integration with other Google services (maps search etc). Android SDK has a wide range of built in features, and provides immense flexibility and opportunity to develop mobile applications.

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