Android Market surpasses10 billion downloads

Lets see to believe it. Android Market has reached the magic 10 billion app download mark and still counting. Google announced the achievement of this incredible milestone last week in its blog.

More than 200 million Android smartphones and tablets have been sold and about 550,000 new Android activations take place each day, Google has said.

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Android edges past Apple in App Downloads

Android outperforms Apple in the number of Android application downloads in the Asia-Pacific region in 2011.

Android will play a dominant role for the first time this year with an Ovum survey predicting 1.8 billion downloads compared to Apple’s app downloads of 1.5 billion in the region. Last year Google's Android reached 244 million app downloads in the Asia Pacific region. The latest report predicts Windows Phone operating system will overtake BlackBerry for third place in downloads by 2015.

Prey phone tracker app for Android is an open source anti-theft solution

Prey is a simple but powerful open source anti-theft tool that helps to track Android phones or Laptop at all times in one place. Prey app easily identifies the exact location of the device and alerts the user if it gets stolen. Prey app is free to use completely and compatible with running in only Android mobile operating system and supports Windows, Mac, or Linux platforms on computers.


Launching an Application on startup in Android devices

Simple example for Launching an Application or Activity After Boot Completes using BroadcastReceiver Class.

Android Webview example-part 1 tutorial makes developer various ways of using android webview inside application rather than loading them separately in browser.

Top 10 Free Android Apps

Android smartphones

More than 60,000 Android handsets are sold on a daily basis and the Android market is rapidly expanding in its slipstream. Android phones combine the quality of cheap and cheerful phone along with the capability of high-quality web browsing, and iPhone users are now shifting their allegiance to Android phones. Android phone is an impressively open and versatile platform and offers out-of-the-box features comparable to rival smartphone platforms like Apple's iPhone OS, RIM's BlackBerry OS and Palm's new WebOS. This whole range of possibilities gives the Android phone market a good structure, and flexibility for any consumer to make an easy entry. People are thronging to Android phones for its simplicity and power.

The great thing about Android so far has been its dramatic growth and improvements. Android phones are more powerful and stylish, while the Android operating system will continue to improve at a quick pace, primarily because it is unlocked. Android is one of the best things to happen to mobile-consumers in a very long time for its quality, price and features, unarguably with a wide range of options.

Android apps

Android has become the most favorite platform and much talked about Smartphone in the Android market, which boasts of having more than 70,000 free and paid apps in its kitty although Google launched Android only recently. The application store of for Android devices has crossed 35,000 apps milestone in just 3 months according to a Google survey. The ratio of paid and free apps stood at 39% and 61% respectively. According to a report that the forecast for total app download market could grow to a whopping $15 billion by 2013.  The future growth prospects of Android apps look bright and it will trigger a massive explosion in the market and the Android saga will resume. The applications are designed to run in any Android based phone reasonably well.

Android Application

Downloading Android apps in phones

You can select and download apps that you need on your phone and for that purpose

1. Enable your phone to install non-market apps by going to the menu and the applications tab and then clicking on the unknown sources tab.

2. Then plug your phone into the USB port for installing the stuff on your computer. You can switch between your phone and internet by using the toggle on/off button on your operating system. An icon will be displayed in your computer at the bottom righ t corner of the screen so that you can click it to connect to your phone.

3.Currently, most Android devices only have 256MB of app storage capacity except for an application that can be run from SD card (AppsToSD). With this upgrade, Android market is heating up. With 512MB capacity for app storage they store apps in the internal ROM and not on the SD card now, for piracy reasons, but they will offer an upgrade soon for installing apps on the SD card.  For most applications, only a small file size is required to limit the download times. However, when it comes to 3D games, lot of space is required for all the high-resolution textures, audio, and video.

Top 10 Free Android apps

Android phones can be easily customized with new software and functionality from the built-in Android Market, which features thousands of free and commercial applications that do everything from exposing hidden system preferences to allowing you to edit documents. With more than 30,000 apps to choose from, the Android Market can be daunting. People need some guidance to find the best games, utilities, and other apps and here are some of the best sources for Android app reviews to help you to chose the best free Android apps and each one of these sites acts as a directory, reviewer, a screenshot gallery and a window for Android Apps.
top 10 android apps

Uninstall/Delete an appliaction from Emulator in Android

Its simple to uninstall or delete an application from the Emulator in Android. Follow the below mentioned steps to uninstall an application from the Emulator

  • After Starting the Emulator, Press Menu Button ----> Settings (See below image)


Android Google Map Application Example

Android Google Maps Application

  • To integrate with Google maps application you need to apply for a free Google Map API Key.
  • To get the Google Map API Key you need to sign up for the Android Maps API.
  • To sign up, you will need to provide the certificate's fingerprint (MD5).
  • If you have a certificate fingerprint (MD5) you can sign up here and get the API Key.

Building a Simple Android Application

In this tutorial we are going to see how to build a simple Android application...

The below video will explain the step by step process of how to create a simple Android application using Eclipse & how to run the application.

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