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Google Docs for Android update brings new Web Clipboard and now in 46 additional languages

Google Docs for Android gets updated with new Web Clipboard feature and support for 46 additional languages. The latest update brings new improvements and enhanced functionality allows users to create, edit and share documents from their Android phones, according to a blog from Google Android developer.

Google Reader App for Android officially released

Google has finally released the mobile version of the popular RSS tool, Google Reader app optimized for Android that offers enriching experience for avid readers with features including unread counts, friends, sharing, liking, starring, and many more given below. Features

Google Docs Editing Support For Android Devices

Google announced the Mobile editing capabilities for Google Docs on Android OS devices and iPad in order to enhance mobile productivity in Android application development. This will soon be available in the hands of Android and iPad users within a few weeks. Google Docs is a proven document product on the desktop and the mobile integration on Android phones is just adds another reason to collaborate and co-edit documents and files simultaneously from an even wide range of devices.

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