Android take screenshot from code

Android java snippet to capture screenshot from code.

Android Loading Welcome Splash / Spash Screen Example

Here we are going to see about a simple splash screen example that displays a textview as splash screen & then move to main activity after the splash screen times up.

Get the screen size in Android

Android screen size is different for different phone models.

There are some screen resolutions already defined in Android.

They are:

  • QVGA (240×320, low density, small screen)
  • WQVGA (240×400, low density, normal screen)
  • FWQVGA (240×432, low density, normal screen)
  • HVGA (320×480, medium density, normal screen)
  • WVGA800 (480×800, high density, normal screen)
  • WVGA854 (480×854 high density, normal screen)

Now let's see how to get the screen size,

[sourcecode language="java"]

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