Android Progress Dialog Style

A small and easy example to show progress dialog in different style with progress value.

Android Gallery, ImageView Example

Already we saw the simple Gallery example on our previous post Simple Gallery Example
Now we are going to see a simple gallery example of how to use gallery look like a photo album as like in our phone. That is, when we click the item in gallery, the corresponding image will display below in full size using imageview.

Create a attrs.xml file in res/values folder. This file is used to declare the style. ( Code in previous post - simple gallery example).

Android Gallery Example

In android, we can show multiple image in gallery view. Here is a android gallery example that will explain how to show the images in gallery view.
Example for Android Gallery :-
Create a attrs.xml file in res/values folder.

Android Textview Tutorial

In this tutorial, we are going to learn about TextView.

In Android if we start any application, we may need to use TextView.

Textview is a View which we can add to any Layout.

How to add TextView in a Layout?

To add a textview to a layout, select the layout you need to add (here I have selected LinearLayout01) & then click the Add Button (shown in green color with plus symbol intimating "Adds a new element")

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