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The demand of smartphone is going up so is the booming Android phones with 20% share in the market. Android OS is rapidly growing at an amazing pace when compared to other mobile OS. Android market stocks more than 160,000 Android apps. The Android smartphone market is growing at an impressive rate with new handsets being released all the time owing to the popularity of Motorola Droid and HTC models.

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Welcome to Android Phone! Androidpeople provides Android users up to date with all the latest Android news. We are confident that users will find all the Android related news and information they need, right here on our website.
Android is a Linux-based system, created by Google and the Open Handset Alliance, with a unique programming model, different from any other mobile platform before. Android is developed using Java language that runs on Dalvik VM and it is essential to know the program in order to build applications for Android.

Android take screenshot from code

Android java snippet to capture screenshot from code.

Android Parsing HTML Content Containing Links

Place a link inside a HTML Content using TextView. Use links in textview.

Android maintain static orientation from code

Request Orientation to be in static from code.

Android ClipboardManager Example

Going to see about how to get and set Clipboard content using ClipboardManager.

Android Webview example-part 1 tutorial makes developer various ways of using android webview inside application rather than loading them separately in browser.

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Android Loading Welcome Splash / Spash Screen Example

Here we are going to see about a simple splash screen example that displays a textview as splash screen & then move to main activity after the splash screen times up.

Android Gesture handling

The android gesture functions sense the gesture from the user action and perform action corresponding to it.
The gesture like onfling performs action when there is a fling made in the device.These coding gets apt result only when tested in device rather than emulator.

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