Launching an Application on startup in Android devices

Simple example for Launching an Application or Activity After Boot Completes using BroadcastReceiver Class.

Android Custom Dynamic Listview –part3

Android simple tutorial for adding data into listview at runtime and change the listview content dynamically.

Android XML Parsing Tutorial – Using DOMParser

In this tutorial we are going to see about how to parse a XML file using DOM Parser.

Android Facebook API example using FBRocket

This post is posted as per the request of many comments on Android JTwitter Example.

Now let proceed ahead with Facebook using FBrocket.

Using FB rocket we can update our facebook profile status from mobile application.

Before we get into coding we got to make sure that we do the following steps

  1. Import the FBrocket JAR file to the eclipse project and add it to JAR libraries. Download here ( http://www.xeomax.net/fbrocket/download.php?d=bin&v=0.1a )
  2. Make sure you have created an application in http://www.facebook.com/developers/#!/developers/createapp.php
  3. Note down application name and API key, do not reveal API key to anybody.

Android Custom Toast Tutorial

AndroidPeople.com - Going to see how to display a textview in toast using setView() & some more properties of Toast - Custom Toast Notification.

Android check SD card availability from code

Androidpeople.com Function in code to check the availability of SD card in the hand held android device.

How to handle screen orientation change issue in android?

Androidpeople.com Issue fix for handle screen orientation change and to avoid reloading activity when there is a change in orientation.

Android TabHost Tutorial – Part 2

Here we are going to see about how to set TabWidget Tab background/color, tab icon with a simple example.

Android Sliding Drawer Tutorial

This is an simple example to use a Sliding drawer in application. The tutorial states the methods to change the handler button, animation style and specifying container height to the sliding drawer

Android how to create file in SD-Card-part 1.

Androidpeople.com-This tutorial discuss on Android methods to create a SD card in emulator, Creating a simple file in SD card and creating CSV file to generate report or Backup database.

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